The catastrophic consequences of counterfeit Organisations are losing market share resulting in reduced profits, and experiencing brand degradation as counterfeit products and grey markets continue to flourish globally. The theft of Intellectual property is a major crime and represents a significant threat to all industries.  With over 55.7 Million U.S. jobs Directly & Supported by IP-intensive Industries alone, the social impact is often overlooked (Dr. Nam D. Pham, IP Creates Jobs for America (2013).

Counterfeiting by number:

$1.77 trillion projected value of counterfeit and pirated goods by 2015 (International Chamber of Commerce)

$200 billion counterfeit pharmaceutical industry (World Customs org)

2.5 million Jobs lost due to counterfeiting and piracy (International Chamber of Commerce)

75% of counterfeits originate from the Far East (World Customs Org)

2% of all world trade is counterfeit  (World Customs Org)

The threat of counterfeit to any global business can be deadly serious, undermining its long-term viability. Just a single incident could have a devastating effect, eroding confidence in your brand and affecting your global reputation and standing, along with market share. For some industries, such as pharmaceuticals, lives are even at stake.

ESG provides the solution Swift detection, enforcement and protection With the right contacts, market knowledge and intelligence networks to produce results, Executive Solutions Group (ESG) is known for our reliability, our intuitive analysis and our responsive anti counterfeit programs. Well organised and experienced, we use our unrivalled connections, transnational networks and deep industry knowledge to provide expert market intelligence on your brand. We work with local legal and compliance agencies and judicial processes, as well as training and educating key stakeholders within the market. Our proactive market analysis and data analytics are vital tools in maintaining your brands reputation.

Testimonial “ESG effectiveness is second to none in the region. They have a proven background in brand protection and a good feeling for the commercial sensitivities of working for a multinational company. I have full confidence in ESG‘s capabilities and trust them to act as my representative to help design and deliver our regional security strategy. ESG‘s Managing Director is a high calibre individual who possesses a great deal of personal integrity and strong moral courage – all of which are key requirements for our company and the environment in which it operates.” UK based Global Security Director, Pharmaceuticals.