The vast majority of ESG’s clients incorporate a training and awareness component within their strategic program. This involves educating and briefing:

  • Key stakeholders
  • Law enforcement
  • Government Departments
  • Senior Management and Internal Departments
  • Authorised Distributors

Executive Solutions Group works closely with our clients to complement their training and presentational needs. ESG has delivered training and awareness seminars across AsiaPac. ESG is a guest presenter on the International Management of Serious Crime Course, a course attended by Senior Police Officers from Forces throughout Asia Pacific and run by the Australian Federal Police.

The following are some of the Government organisations Executive Solutions Group has presented to:

  • National Bureau of Investigation, Philippines
  • Philippines Bureau of Customs
  • Pakistani Customs
  • Indian Customs Service
  • Indian Police Service
  • Ministry of Trade & Consumer Affairs Malaysia
  • Vietnamese Market Management Bureau
  • Vietnamese Customs Service
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Customs Service
  • Royal Solomon Islands Police & Customs Services
  • Ministry of Health Lebanon
  • Mauritius Revenue Authority

Illegal & Counterfeit Pharma Product

Training Course held in Lebanon, March 2015

National Consciousness Week against
Counterfeit Medicines, 2014

Held in Manila, this is a yearly event